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360 Letters

What is 360 Letters?

360 Letters is 30 children from different countries, each writing 12 letters, creating a 360° view of the world. 

The Project

Kids Against Racism wants to support migrant families starting a new life in the UK, and make a long term impact in the lives of children who have left their friends behind and are now facing loneliness and isolation. We’ve created 360 Letters as a pen-pal scheme to connect migrant and UK born children, to form friendships and learn about each other’s lives. 360 Letters is a community for children to talk to each other about their hopes and dreams, their fears and feelings. We want to break down the barriers of ‘us’ and ‘them’, and build lasting relationships that strengthen our communities. 

What would happen if you decided to write to someone you had never met, whose family came from another part of the world? 

What could you learn about someone who might have a very different life from yours, but like you, needs a friend to talk to? 

What would happen if you told them something about who you are? What would you discover if they wrote back to you?  

Pen Pal

A pen pal is someone you get to know by writing letters. How and what you write is up to you – you can start a conversation with your pen pal or write about your day; you can send a drawing or photo – your letter can be anything you want it to be. The best bit is well give you everything you need to get started – a membership pack with paper, envelopes, stamps and some other things you might need to start writing. 

talk to each other about their hopes and dreams

“form friendships and learn about each other’s lives”

Information for Parents/Carers

360 Letters is free for all participants. Children will need to register to receive a free membership pack containing stationery and stamps for 12 letters.  

360 Letters gives migrant and UK born children the chance to get to know each other, in a safe environment, and share their thoughts and feelings.

For migrant families already under huge pressure to adapt to a new country and a new way of life, 360 Letters will carry some of the burden of helping children to integrate and make new friends.

Kids Against Racism is working in partnership with local schools and community organisations to deliver this project.

For more information about 360 Letters, contact us here

Project delivery schedule  

360 Letters will launch in December 2021. Participating children will start writing their letters in February 2022.  

We are very grateful for the support from the National Lottery Community Fund who have awarded us a grant to deliver this project


exhibition &

listening station

Aug 2022


360 Letters held a 2-week exhibition and Listening station at Woolwich Library, displaying extracts from the letters written by the participating students. The Listening Station was held at the foyer display in the library for two days. The objective was for Kids Against Racism to listen to 360 Letters participants talking about their experiences of taking part and what the letters have meant to them.

The exhibition was attended by the participant children and their families, who were able to learn about the experiences and perspectives of the students.

“I liked to write and receive letters from my friends 360 Letters participant”

“I love my penpals and I hope I get to meet them soon”

“I liked writing and receiving letters and getting to know more people”

“It was fun and I would like to do something like this again”

“I had a family who told me that they found the letters a ‘great idea’ in supporting their child who joined us very late in primary school and the letters helped to support his transition from another country”

Headteacher, Invicta Primary School, Deptford

“I can tell you how wonderful it is to see those smiles on their faces when they receive letters ”

Teacher, Invicta Primary School, Deptford

“The children really enjoyed the experience and having the opportunity to connect with other children for a real purpose, they would certainly recommend to others”

Head teacher, Invicta

“Thank you for including us in this venture, it has been really well received by children and families alike”

Head teacher, Invicta

“The children seemed excited by the idea of everyone getting together”

Teacher, Plumcroft Primary School